The goal is simple, to capture the best possible performance from the artist, according to the sound you have in mind. To achieve that goal I have at my disposal classic and modern gear like Neumann and Peluso mics, Neve, Api and valve mic preamps, several analog compressors and eq’s, Lavry blue and Apogee converters, Focal monitors, a great sounding mixing room and almost 1K plugins and virtual instruments.

Recording services are charged on an hourly basis. The minimum session time is two hours. For more information please contact me.


My goal in mixing is to make the artist’s vision a reality, helping to deliver the message. These days a lot of people work with DAW’s (digital audio workstation) and plugins which can still be powerful and you can get good results, but I found the real magic is in mixing with a hybrid system. I still automate and I do some process in the DAW, but I get the vibe, character and main sound summing in an analog domain with the sound going thru analog compressors, eq’s and Lavry converters.

I don’t think there is one genre of music that benefits more from my mixing services than another. I have been mixing since 2003 across many styles of music, from salsa and merengue to pop, EDM, hip hop and rock artists. I start by listening to the rough mix a couple the times to hear the artist’s vision or idea before I move any fader and communication, this is key to me. Every song is different and for that reason I never repeat the same process twice, each song needs personal attention.

When it comes to production I always think that less is more, but my philosophy for mixing is “more is more”, it’s all about the details.


My production experience started a long time ago when I had the opportunity to write and make records with my former project (Genitallica). During that time I never felt my job in the band was to only play and create bass lines, so I also wrote songs on each of the three albums, a few of which became classic songs in Latin America. I also had ideas for songs that didn’t fit with the band and I knew I had to work with more styles of music and create more music, for that reason I now do full-time production working with local and international talent.

I like to make music in a simple way, not too many things going on, so every part can sound bigger in the mix, “less is more”. I had the opportunity to work with amazing producers and learn from them from a performer’s prospective early on, I know how important this process is for an artist, I have lived it, and this gives me a unique perspective and approach.

Producer, mixer, and song writer, Gil Gonzalez began his career more than a decade ago gaining a huge amount of experience early on playing with the internationally renowned band, Genitallica, as a bass player in Monterrey, Mexico. During his time with Genitallica, the group toured in more than 15 countries, playing for audiences of up to 70,000 and sold more than 500,000 records. Over the years Gil has shared the stage with groups like Kiss, Bush, and Simple Plan among others. Cutting his teeth with producers such as Barrett Jones, “Scotch” Ralston, and Mauricio Garza, Gil quickly became a creative and hands-on producer himself beginning in 2003.

Austin, Texas based since 2009, Gil has gone on to cultivate projects with his own brand of magic, working across a variety of genres including pop, rock, EDM, hip hop, salsa and merengue. Since moving to Austin, Gil has been producing, recording, mixing and composing on more than 40 projects, with unsigned artists as well as artists signed to both international and independent record labels. Some of these works have been featured in programs such as The Hills and MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Gil has also co-produced albums with producers such as:

·      Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Bush)

·      Scotch Ralston (311, No Doubt, Kiss)

·      Mauricio Garza (Zoe, Julieta Venegas, Timbiriche, Moderato, Jessy y Joy)

Known as a hands-on producer, Gil co-writes on many of the projects he produces, often starting from scratch with the artist, together they create the music that brings the project to life. Gil’s ability to work across multiple genres has given him a real insight into how to get the most out of the artists he’s working with, regardless of their style.

Recent projects include Rob Dawe, Coronel, Demico featuring Mike Jones, El Tule, and Soviet Moon.